The next generation restaurant



Sophisticated customer-level data

Enable personalized menu features, triggered marketing, and rewards programs to drive customer retention. Allow for precise analysis of throughput, speed of service, predictive ordering, and inventory optimization by store and station


Self-serve digital ordering system

Multiple kiosks create shorter lines, driving higher order throughput and consistently higher average tickets compared to a typical cashier experience. Every customer is treated like a regular with our intuitive and personalized ordering flow.


Cubby pick up system

Our unique parallelized order pick up experience enables multiple customers to be served simultaneously. Customers are amazed and delighted by the sleek self-serve pickup portals.


Remote store management

Remote configuration of digital stores reduces turnaround times for deploying new marketing collateral and menu changes to minutes instead of days or weeks. Individual store environments and ambiance – music, lighting and all displays – can be managed remotely.


Fully integrated & instrumented back of house operation tools

Access to real-time customer traffic data, enabling operators to provide almost up-to-the-minute details on when mobile orders will be ready. Parallelized operations optimize labor and order throughput for lightning-fast fulfillment times.

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